Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Grade 5’s are working on multiplication and division. They have been working on both long and short division, so they are able to choose which works best for them. Grade 6 students are learning how to divide decimals by a whole number. 
The class is currently talking about the different types of government in relation to Canadian politics.
The students ya e been working very hard on their vertebrates and invertebrates project. Since they used their class time so wisely, and several students spent extra time working with their partners outside of school, they were given additional class time to work, and will have extra opportunities to work in the computer lab on an exciting science resource, subscribed to by BSLS, called “Science A-Z”. It is developed and monitored by Scholastic, so parents can be ensured of the validity and safety of the site. Usernames and passwords will be provided to students, and they will be able to access the site from home as well as school. Some topics will be assigned to students, but they are also encouraged to use the site for personal reading and research.

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